Shopping spree in the CO² neutral shopping centre

Classic shopping centres generate very large amounts of waste heat energy through the air conditioning process. We harness this energy into the geothermal field via a heat exchanger arrangement.


By utilising the waste heat, we are able to minimise the energy footprint of the centre.


We even consider every visitor to the centre as an energy source. Heat generated by the body is captured in the extract ventilation system which we harness for buffering in the ground energy field.

References (sample)


Atrio (Villach, Austria)

Columbuscenter (Wien, Austria)

Megabaumax (Dornbirn, Austria)


Eurospar (Lustenau, Austria)

COOP Rhy-Markt (Feuerthalen, Switzerland)

Discovery Center (Toronto, Canada)

Gartenhof (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Handelskai 92 (Wien, Austria)

Mercedes Schneider (Dornbirn, Austria)

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