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Geothermal Energy as a Sustainable Solution for Residential Buildings
ENERCRET provides total solutions for residential buildings and settlements


Whether single-family house, residential complex or settlement area: geothermal energy is an ideal source for the supply of residential buildings with heat, tap water and - if desired - also with cooling energy.


Closed (energy piles, probes, slope reinforcement) or open systems (wells, waters) can be used as a geothermal source.


The combination of geothermal energy and energy-efficient residential buildings is the most sustainable solution that can be implemented today.


To meet peak load requirements during long spells or peak periods in the tap water area, CHP or gas boilers can be used. We also take care of the efficient integration of all energy sources into an ecological overall concept.


Also in the field of renovation geothermal energy can be used to supplement an existing facility and to significantly reduce primary energy costs. In such a case, we try to cover as much of the basic load as possible from the geothermal energy and use the existing system as a peak load supplement

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