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Healthy technology at the core of complex requirements
ENERCRET St. Anna-Kinderspital
ENERCRET Panoramahaus
ENERCRET Yanzhou Verteiler 3
ENERCRET Spital Wuhan
References (sample)


New Papworth Hospital (Cambridge, UK)

Peoples Hospital Xinhua (Wuhan, China)


Med Campus Graz (Graz, Austria)


St. Anna Kinderklinik (Wien, Austria)


Kurzentrum 1&2 (Bad Schallerbach, Austria)

Valle Belbo (Nizza Monferatto, France)


Panoramahaus (Dornbirn, Austria)


Hospital de Mollet (Mollet, Spain)

Health facilities are often serviced by complex building services installations with a high level of simultaneous heating and cooling demands.


Through the geothermal energy system the basic load is provided and alternative systems are used to service peak loads.


As the heat pump system can simultaneously serve heating and cooling demands, very high coefficients of performance can be reached.

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