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ENERCRET-element - Dornbirn
ENERCRET-Power Tower

Office buildings have low domestic hot water requirements, heating and cooling loads are relatively high. There is often a lot of waste heat produced by the buildings IT systems.


Our geothermal energy system provides an all year round buffer for heating and cooling energy. Therefore, a very high overall efficiency is achievable. Every bit of waste heat energy from the IT and ventilation systems is stored in the ground, then months later it is used as a source of energy for the heat pumps to service the heating demands for the building.

References (sample)


Siemens (Wien, Austria)


STRABAG (Wien, Austria)


STRABAG (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Financial Tower (Wuxi, China)

Power Tower (Linz, Austria)

ADAC Zentrale (München, Germany)

Parktower (Zug, Switzerland)

ELEMENT (Dornbirn, Austria)

Holzhafen (Hamburg, Germany)

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