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Industrial facilities typically produce significant amounts of heat energy which historically has been discharged to atmosphere through roof mounted heat exchangers.


We deal extensively with the energy flows within an industrial facility to collect as much waste heat energy as possible. This waste energy is stored in the geothermal field. As a result, winter heating demands can be serviced by heat pumps in a cost-effective manner.


Every industrial facility has a unique requirement. We treat each project uniquely, allowing us to guarantee maximum efficiency.

References (sample)


Federnfabrik Straub AG (Wangs, Switzerland)


Flügel Schuhfabrik (Wien, Austria)

Frickbau AG (Liechtenstein)


Fridericanum (Kassel, Germany)


GEWOGE (Ludwigshafen, Germany)

Gewürzberger AG (Gamprin, Liechtenstein)

Grimmingtherme (Bad Mitterndorf, Austria)


Guisanplatz (Bern, Switzerland)

Haberkorn - Ulmer (Dornbirn, Austria)

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