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Optimised hydraulics is our main focus
ENERCRET installs heating and cooling stations in any desired size

A geothermal heating system needs a hydraulically optimised heating and cooling station. Starting with the transfer from the geothermal heat manifold to the interface to the building loads. System hydraulics must be carefully optimised and all secondary pumps operating speeds must be minimised. This is the only way to achieve efficient overall results.


Our partners ENERPLAN and Zortea support us in the design and lay-out of the hydraulically optimised heating and cooling stations.


We manufacture as much of the system off-site as possible. This allows us to minimise time spent on site and maximise quality. As a result, design and manufacturing errors are detected early and can be corrected before installation. This approach improves safety as manufacture occurs in a controlled environment.


We manufacture in steel, stainless steel and plastic. All system components, such as valves, pumps and heat exchangers come from well-known, reputable European suppliers.


Our special area are large multivalent systems with several energy sources (heat pump, solar, CHP, gas, chiller and dry air cooler).


Planning, simulation and calculation of heating and cooling systems.

BIM compatible 2D and 3D planning.

Soil physics, optimisations of antifreeze and corrosion protection

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Using the ZORTSTRÖM technology you optimise the entire hydraulics of your heating and/or cooling system. At several temperature levels the integration of all energy generators (heat or cold) with their recipients is simplified.

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