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Central Geothermal Solutions for Development Areas
Urban Developments are ideal projects to use large geothermal energy systems as buffers

Regardless of whether it relates to new residential areas, commercial settlements or a mixture of different user concepts: with large geothermal energy systems different user profiles of heat and cooling requirements can be coupled and therefore optimised.


In the simplest case, a decentralised geothermal energy systems ensures that over a cold district heating line heat-pumps are supplied in a central energy centre.


Instead of the central energy centre, several smaller decentralised heat-pumps can also be supplied from the shared geothermal energy system.


Optimally, we supply the decentralised heat-pumps over a cold-water ring (anergy network). This ring can also be managed by external sources such as CHP or solar thermal energy. Users with cooling requirements can feed waste heat via a heat exchanger into the network rather than into the environment.


All in all, the result is an ecologically and economically optimised overall concept, which minimizes the CO2 emissions of a development area.


Such complex systems are extremely demanding in their implementation. The challenges of the hydraulics of the entire system and of the construction process can only be mastered if you work with experienced partners.

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