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Geothermal Probes and Energy Piles, a Mature Technology
ENERCRET has installed more than 40,000 geothermal probes


Geothermal probe drillings in the landscaped areas surrounded both new and refurbished buildings can be carried out more or less independently of any construction activities. 



In new constructions and limited space conditions, geothermal probes can also be placed under the building. However, in this case they must be drilled and connected prior to ground slab construction. Once the slab is cast the geothermal probes become inaccessible. We have therefore developed our own, unique testing device to ensure the integrity of the probe prior to the initial pour. We carefully test and document every leak test to ensure our stringent quality control measures are adhered to.

Geothermal probes are particularly suitable for use within historic and existing building refurbishments.


For special applications, we work in collaboration with our partner GEOKOAX who deliver the latest generation of coaxial probes.

ENERCRET has installed more than 50,000 energy piles


We also use displacement piles (vibro, ductile, ram and hollow piles) and augered piles (SOB and VBP) as geothermal energy absorbers. Our experience helps us to work in collaboration with the piling contractor, minimising disruption and avoiding impact on the constraction programme.


With each type of pile we have gained sufficient experience to provide our customers with cost-efficient and failure-free solutions.

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Geothermal energy for heating and cooling from single-family houses to commercial and industrial properties - climate friendly and cost-effective.

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