Cozy Thermal Energy from the Ground
Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen

Residential buildings typically have 2/3 heating requirements and 1/3 tap water requirements. Only rarely are modern residential buildings also cooled, although this would be easily possible and would even increase the efficiency of geothermal energy.


The geothermal energy system is designed in such a way that the ground can be regenerated during the summer so that the system can be heated with the heat pump during the whole winter.


In recent years, small CHP units have also been increasingly used to cover the proportion of tap water at the thermal load. Our experts ensure correct hydraulic integration.

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Kaiserstrand (Lochau, Österreich)

Kehlerau (Dornbirn, Österreich)

Märstetten 1 (Märstetten, Schweiz)


Neue Heimat (Reuthe in Tirol, Österreich)


Peter Rosseggerstrasse 1&2&3 (Graz, Österreich)

Arbeiterheim Yanzhou (Yanzhou, China)

Bellagovista (Lachen, Schweiz)


Erlachstrasse 1-4 (Götzis, Österreich)


Finkernweg A - D (Kreuzlingen, Deutschland)

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