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A Good Night's Sleep with Highly Efficient Geothermal Energy
0110_1 Hotel Sofitel-Uniqa, Wien
Hotel Post Bezau
References (sample)


Hotel Dorint (Biel, Switzerland)


Hotel Mondschein (Stuben, Austria)

Hotel Post (Bezau, Austria)


Messehotel Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)


Panoramahaus (Dornbirn, Austria)

Fairmotel (Dornbirn, Austria)

Gasthof Krönele (Lustenau, Austria)


Sofitel (Wien, Austria)

Hotels typically have a very high hot water demand. Geothermal energy systems can be optimised to support this load. With our hydraulic solutions from Zortea, we can also build large fresh water systems.


Plants which have previously been operated with oil and are supplemented by a geothermal energy system are particularly efficient. This allows a large part of the basic load to be covered and the consumption of oil to be reduced to 30%.

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