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The Right Solution Through Years of Experience
Industrial and commercial customers have special requirements for their heating and cooling systems - we provide the highest efficiency, while at the same time offering optimal investment costs. 

Low investment costs, coupled with low and predictable operating costs are the key requirements for industrial and commercial systems.


We do not provide standard solutions – each system has its own specific requirements and we handle them based on our many years of experience.


Especially interesting is the combination of a geothermal system (open or closed) with an additional primary energy source (e.g. natural gas boiler or CHP) to cover peak load situations.


The integration of PV systems to cover the power requirement of the heat pumps or a solar thermal energy solution for the regeneration of the geothermal source can be implemented as well.


Waste heat from cooling systems, process heat from production or exhaust air from office and storage spaces: all these energy flows can be used in the system and buffered in the geothermal field.


In existing systems with conventional energy sources (e.g. oil-fired heating in hotels, gas boilers in production facilities) these can be configured to support peak load, supporting the base load for heating and cooling through an additional geothermal system. This solution is especially cost-effective and has proved to be successful particularly in hotels.

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