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More than 1,000 projects have been competed since 1981
Enercret is one of the world market leaders in the field of constructing near the surface geothermal energy system for the heating and cooling of buildings.


Regardless of its size, our goal on any project is to plan and build an economic and energy-saving geothermal energy system. The foundation of a perfect geothermal heating system starts with a comprehensive consultation of the client, followed by the inclusion of all relevant climatic, underground, building recording and user data. Each of these factors are taken into account in the professional planning process, as well as the results of our simulation calculation, with which we determine the grounds renewable energy sources that are economically usable.


Through exact dimensioning of all system components - from the pipeline profiles, to the circulation pumps, to the heat pump - we save not only investment costs but also operating costs. Our expert assembly and decades of experience also allow us to significantly extend the statutory warranty periods.

Regenerative geothermal heat sources can ideally be combined with other primary energy sources (PV-systems, solar thermal energy, CHP, gas boilers and others).


For special cases, we also provide unusual solutions, as the example of the cable car pillar heating at the Rettenbachferner in Tyrol shows. You can find further information under the heading „Special absorbers“.  


We further support every client in applying for subsidies and grant initiatives. Our planning is therefore developed in such a way that the client is granted the highest possible level of support.


Renewable energy provide from the ground under a construction is the most sustainable form of modern heating and cooling system. ENERCRET is the only company in the world with the capability to simulate, install and guarantee!


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