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ENERCRET Special Absorber - Concrete

In principle, any kind of concrete can be used as an absorber in the subsoil: slotted walls, slope reinforcements, temporary pit supporting systems, tunnels (railway or metro), armature bores or simply baseplates under underground garages and basements.


Often we experience that the client is not aware of the many possibilities and therefore ignores ground-bonded concrete as an absorber.


We work in close collaboration with the structural engineer, to determine which absorber capacities can be used. We are highly experienced in the construction process and therefore work with the contractor to integrate our activities into the programme of works.


Hydraulically optimising the combination of circuits is challenging, especially in situations such as slotted walls. We have many years of experience in this field which allows us to deliver with confidence!


Talk to our experts about the possibilities! The allocation of special absorbers is cost-effective and can reduce the necessary costs for energy piles and probes.

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